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Nisroc works with businesses to understand, create and implement successful technology solutions to enhance your marketing, drive more sales and gain more time.

About Me.

Hi my names Chris Meaden I have been providing technology solutions for businesses for over 30 years. 

We are  proud at what we have achieved in this time helping businesses build the infrastructure and systems to take advantage of new technology to drive sales and growth.

Sales & Marketing Simplified 

Marketing is a complex maze of options and it's overwhelming for business owners to know where to turn.

You have so many choices but you don't want to waste time or money on the wrong solution.

Nisroc will handhold you through the process of finding the right marketing technology solutions for your business needs, free up your time and drive more sales with consistent repeatable results day after day.


What they say


Chris really knows his stuff. Claims made by many have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but with Chris, he really can make massive changes in a short time frame - He really does do what he says - you just need to believe it yourself.

adrian machin

Small Business Owner

Chris is a fantastic tactical and very forward thinking individual...a pleasure to work with.

Google Ads 

Google Ads is a complicated program with many rules and you need to stay on top of it. One small change can make big differences in your account. You have to use the advanced features, and you also need to know the best practices, or else your account will not be as effective.

FREE Google Ads Performance Review

We help you find the leaky buckets!

If you are managing your own Google Ads, this is for you. If you are currently paying a company to manage your Google Ads for you, this is also for you. My service can check up on how well they are doing it and if they are not working on what needs to be done.

Google Ads Management

Google ads are hard to use and learn. But you can get help instead of trying to figure it out yourself!

Nisroc will take the time, effort and guesswork out of your business. We will manage, maintain and optimize your Google Ads account. We can also link it with Google Analytics if you do not have that set up already. You can create goals to measure success in the business.

Strategy Call

A strategy call is a good thing. It helps you develop a plan

Google Ads are a good way to find people who might want to buy your products and services. But you will need to set up, manage and optimize it correctly. If you do it wrong, then all of the money that was spent on the ads will be wasted without any return.

If you are not yet running Google Ads, I can help you with them. I offer a Strategy Call where we can talk about your business, what you currently do to bring in customers and how much it costs. We will then work out the best way to use Google Ads for your business and that will bring in more customers at an affordable cost.

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